Tourism in Northern Regions Of Pakistan 2023- Treasure of Pakistan’s Charms

Tourism in Northern Regions Of Pakistan

Tourism in Northern Regions Of Pakistan – Treasure of Pakistan’s Charms

The tourism in northern regions of Pakistan, whose medical landscape is full of beauty and charm, offer an unparalleled sight for tourists. These regions provide beautiful mountains, rivers, lakes, snow-caps and picturesque landscapes that provide tourists with a memorable travel experience. In this article, we will highlight some of the famous tourist spots of North Pakistan that fascinate tourists from all over the world with their beauty.

Tourism in Northern Regions Of Pakistan

Margalla Valley: Shine in the Jewels of Roses

Located in the northern region of Pakistan, Margalla Valley is rich in the beauty of roses. This valley is famous as the abode of flowers where the lush greenery and waves of colorful flowers enthrall the tourists. Walking in the shade of the valley trees makes you feel like you are walking in a paradise. A best place during tourism in northern regions of Pakistan:

  • Flower beds

The specialty of Margalla Valley is the abundance of flowers. Tourists get joy by waving the flag of the unique flowers here.

  • Historical Places

The valley also offers historical sites with ancient buildings, forts, and natural beauty that immerse tourists in the light of history.

Gilgit-Baltistan: Museum of Nature

tourism in northern regions of Pakistan

Calling Gilgit-Baltistan “Museum of Nature” is the best advertisement. The secret of the region’s charm lies in its beautiful mountains, magnificent rivers, and the shady flowers of the Army Mountains. Places in Gilgit-Baltistan like Raksu, Nalhgil, Shansa, and Khaplo make travelers proud with their uniqueness. One of the best place for tourism in northern regions of Pakistan:

  • Rich Scenes

From the heights of the mountains of Gilgit-Baltistan, you can enjoy the heavenly charm of the scenery.

  • Raxo

The heart of the hikers opens up in the shadow of the army mountains of this place.

  • Shansa

The sight of snow blankets and jails in winter here makes the tourists fall in love.

Naran Kagan Valley: A fan of snowy beauty

tourism in northern regions of Pakistan

Naran Kagan Valley is a delightful valley located in the northwest of Pakistan that delights tourists in different seasons and best place for tourism in northern regions of Pakistan. The perfect sky and snow opportunities here provide comfort for travelers. Valley lakes, mountain peaks, and snowy landscapes bring a smile to the soul of the tourists.

  • Beautiful Lakes

Cleaning and fanning of the lakes of Naran Kagan Valley is most welcome.

  • Waterfalls

The valley is also home to some of the best waterfalls that captivate the hearts of travelers.

Faizabad: The heavenly town of frenzied lushness

tourism in northern regions of Pakistan

Faizabad is one of the most beautiful natural scenery known as “Heavenly Town of Crazy Lush”. The bubbling songbirds, small hill villages, and waterfall hikes enable tourists to enjoy even an ordinary day.

  • Bird’s eye view

The fragrance of the natural beauty here also delights the birds, which are of particular beauty.

  • Hill village of Pakistan

Faizabad is also known as the “Hill Village of Pakistan” where one can experience the joys of rural life in a friendly society with a Hussaini spirit.

Main Points

The Government of Pakistan has taken various important steps to promote the tourism in northern regions of Pakistan so as to provide ease and complete facilities to the tourists. Here are some overview points:

Communication Facilities:
The government has taken several measures to improve the facilities of cars, buses, trains, and planes so that tourists can reach the northern regions without any difficulty.

Advanced behavior settings:
The government has made significant efforts to improve the facilities of hospitals, colleges, and hotels to provide advanced facilities to tourists.

Tourist Guides:
The government has made arrangements to provide expert guides to help tourists get information about the nature scene.

Education Locations:
The government has established educational institutions in the northern regions to provide tourists with an opportunity to learn about the local history, culture, and language.

Promotional events and fairs:
The government has organized various tourism events, fairs, and promotional campaigns to showcase the tourism specialties of the northern regions to the world.

Tourist Police:
To protect the tourists, the government has formed a special tourist police which is active to help the tourists.

Developed Tourist Resorts:
The government has arranged developed tourist resorts in the northern regions to provide complete satisfaction to the tourists.

The arrangements mentioned here are just a few examples of what the government has done to improve tourism in northern regions of Pakistan. The government of Pakistan is sincerely engaged in providing tourists with the opportunity to visit the northern regions full of attractions.

Travelling Facilities

There are communication facilities to reach the tourist places of North Pakistan which gives tourists an opportunity to explore the Tourism in Northern Regions Of Pakistan easily. Following are the different communication methods available:

Aircraft Facilities:
There are flight facilities available in various cities of North Pakistan which are a quick way and get you to your destination quickly.

Some of the northern regions also provide railway facilities that allow travelers to explore the picturesque scenery.

Car and Bus Facilities:
The developed cities of northern regions have better facilities of cars and buses which easily transport tourists to various tourist spots.

Taxi Service:
Taxi service is also available in the northern areas which take you to various places.

Rickshaw and Rickshaw Rides:
Some areas also have ride-rickshaw and auto-rickshaw facilities that cater to local tourists.

Riding facilities:
There are also ride facilities available to various destinations that take tourists to their destinations. These communication facilities help you to explore the beautiful scenery of North Pakistan and allow you to reach different places easily.


Realizing that the northern region of Pakistan is a tourist destination is nothing short of amazing. Here you will feel a new world away from the world while walking in the shade of the mountains, the rain of joys, and the beautiful scenery. Seeing the beauty of the tourism in northern regions of Pakistan, your heart will beat faster and you will never forget these environments.
These various tourist destinations during Tourism in Northern Regions Of Pakistan are just a few examples that are available in the northern regions of Pakistan. The beauty of these areas and experiencing the different places will soak the soul of the tourists. This is why tourism in northern regions of Pakistan is the best.

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