20 Best Places For Tourism In Bangladesh – History And Culture Of Bangladesh

Tourism In Bangladesh

Are you hunting for the best Tourism In Bangladesh that are sure to leave you stunned with their ethereal beauty? From windswept beaches to sun-bleached coastline, historical sites, and awe-inspiring national parks.

Bangladesh has tons of attractions that will offer you varied experiences and memories that will refuse to fade away throughout life. It is home to vibrant cities like Khulna and Sylhet that will transport the curious soul to a bygone era with their rich history, culture, and architectural wonders.

You can also visit Dhaka, where glossy high-rises are beautifully juxtaposed against thousands-year-old mosques. Cox’s Bazar is one of the best places to visit in Bangladesh, with the world’s largest unbroken sea beach that stretches more than one hundred and twenty kilometers. You can also visit Bagerhat, which is a historical town that unveils the mysteries of the past.

Srimangal is the most beautiful place in Bangladesh, with vast stretches of tea gardens and cascading waterfalls. You can also visit Baitul Mukarram National Mosque and Kherua Mosque to offer your prayers to God. So make your holiday memorable by visiting these popular attractions that greet you with their charming beauty, breathtaking architecture, and magical vibe. Here we will explain the best places for Tourism In Bangladesh.

Tourism In Bangladesh

Bangladesh in brief

Bangladesh came into being as the People’s Republic of Bangladesh when Bengali East Pakistan seceded from the union with (West) Pakistan in 1971.

The country is situated in the fertile plains of the Ganges (Padma) River delta and borders the Bay of Bengal. Bangladesh borders various states of India in the west, north and east and has a short border with Myanmar (Burma) in the southeast. Further we will discuss about Tourism In Bangladesh next.

The country occupies an area of 143,998 km², compared, it is slightly larger than Greece (131,957 km²) or slightly smaller than the US state of Iowa.

Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world with an estimated 171 million people (in 2021). The majority of its population are followers of Islam (nearly 90%). The capital and largest city is Dhaka. Spoken language is Bangla (or Bengali by 98%). Here we will explain the best places for Tourism In Bangladesh.

Arts & Culture

Tourism In Bangladesh

Bangladesh National Museum
Disappointing online presence of the National Museum of Bangladesh.

Banglapedia – the National Encyclopedia of Bangladesh
Banglapedia is the most comprehensive reference work to date on Bangladesh from high antiquity to the present.

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Kazi Nazrul Islam
Wikipedia article about Kazi Nazrul Islam (24 May 1899- 29 August 1976), the Bengali poet, writer, musician, and revolutionary and Bangladesh’s national poet.

The Ricksha Arts of Bangladesh
The original site dedicated to one of Bangladesh’s unique popular arts vanished in one of the black holes of the internet, replaced by advertising for a Utah based escort service; what remains is the dying art documented at Wikipedia

Shital Pati weaving
Shital Pati is the traditional art of making a handcrafted mat by weaving together strips of a green cane known as ‘Murta’. The mat is used by people all over Bangladesh as a sitting mat, bedspread or prayer mat.

Traditional art of Jamdani weaving
Jamdani is a sheer cotton fabric, traditionally woven on a handloom by craftspeople and apprentices around Dhaka.

In the West, jamdani textiles, known as muslin, combine an intricate design with muted or bright colors, and the finished garments are very breathable. In the Mughal period (1526–1707), the finest jamdanis were produced at Dacca (today Dhaka), Bengal. Here we will explain the best places for Tourism In Bangladesh.

Tourism In Bangladesh

Tourism in Bangladesh


Rajshahi is a vibrant city located on the Padma River’s plains bounded on the north, west, and east by Paba Upazila. It is situated near the Bangladesh-India border and is surrounded by the towns of Kathakali and Nowhata. 
Rajshahi captivates travelers through its world-class architecture, cultural institutions, and narrow cobblestone streets. It overflows with storybook charm due to its colorful buildings, lush green spaces, picturesque gardens, and turreted castles. 
If you’re hunting for the best places to see in Rajshahi, you can visit the Varendra Research Museum, a storehouse of artifacts and architectural exhibits.

You can also visit Hardinge Bridge constructed on the Padma river and take a fascinating tour of Paharpur Buddhist Bihar. If you’re a spiritual enthusiast, you can also visit Puthia Temple Complex, which is a large Annik temple.
No trip is complete without trying out some of the best activities that guarantee unlimited thrill and excitement to the visitors. You can seek enlightenment at Choto Sona Mosque and peek into the city’s rich history at Mahasthangarh Museum.
Rajshahi is the coldest region in Bangladesh, with an average high temperature of 30 degrees centigrade. The best time for traveling to this city is from October to March as the weather remains pleasant. This is best place for Tourism In Bangladesh.


Sylhet is a beautiful city in Bangladesh located on the bank of the River Surma in northeastern Bengal. It is the district-headquarters and the divisional headquarters of Sunamganj, Moulvibazar, Habiganj, and Sylhet District.

The postcard-perfect city has all the makings of an idyllic fairy tale world: a scenic harbor, sweeping views of the surrounding mountain group, and colorful rows of wooden houses. With its peaceful, tree-lined parks and cobblestone streets, it’s not hard to see Sylhet as one of the most beautiful fairytale settings come to life.
Sylhet is home to some of the most iconic sites you should definitely include in your bucket list.

You can visit Manipuri Rajbari, a significant piece of Sylhet’s architecture, and take a tour of Hakaluki Haor, a marsh wetland ecosystem with a wide range of biodiversity. If you’re looking for endless fun and excitement, you can visit Dreamland Park that offers some of the best rides. 
Some of the best activities that you must try in Sylhet are enjoying a boat ride, shopping at the local stores, and sampling the lip-smacking cuisines.

You can enjoy camping on the riverbank, explore Crusader Shah Syed Nasir Uddin’s shrine, and take a trip to the Ratargul Swamp Forest. 
The weather in Sylhet is generally temperate and warm, with a good amount of rainfall. The average annual temperature ranges around 23.6 °C, and annual rainfall is 198.7 inches.


Dhaka is the largest city in South East Asia, situated on the northern side of the Buriganga River. It is situated in central Bangladesh on the lower reaches of the Delta Ganges. Dhaka is Bangladesh’s megacity with swathes of green spaces, beautiful museums, and storied red-brick facades.

Here, glossy high-rises are beautifully juxtaposed against thousands-year-old mosques, giving the city a charismatic appeal you won’t find anywhere else. 
There are many popular attractions in Dhaka that will leave you spoilt for choices during your tour. You can visit the Ahsan Manzil museum to have a glimpse of the Mughal lifestyle and head to Lalbagh Kella that is renowned for its architectural beauty. This is best place for Tourism In Bangladesh.

Dhakeshwari Mandir, The Khan Muhammad Mirza Mosque, and Baitul Mukarram are the most famous spiritual attractions of the city. 
Some of the best things to do in Dhaka for an ultimate experience are enjoying a boat ride to Buriganga, strolling around Gulshan Lake Park, and enjoying fun rides at Nandan Park.

You can also learn about the rich history and culture of Dhaka by visiting the Bangladesh National Museum.
Dhaka experiences a tropical wet, and humid climate with a distinct monsoonal season.  The temperature mostly varies from 93°F to 57°F and is rarely above 98°F or below 52°F.


Khulna is the third-largest city in Bangladesh, located in the central part of the country. It lies on the bank of the Rupsha river and is served by Port of Mongla which is the second-largest seaport in the country.
Khulna remains a popular draw for the tourists due to its lush foliage, traditional shophouses, and best skylines.

It is one of the most vibrant cities in Bangladesh that has glammed up with contemporary art galleries, religious centers, and boutiques. From fantastically craggy mountain ranges to beaches, you’ll be greeted by spectacular vistas over here. 
There are many impressive sites in Khulna that deserve the topmost spot in your itinerary. You can visit Shait Gumbad Mosque, Ron Jaipur Mosque, and Tomb of Khan Jahan Ali to satiate your spiritual soul.

To learn about this city’s rich history, you can take a tour of the Bagerhat Museum. 
If you’re looking for some of the best things to do in Khulna, you can admire the architectural beauty of the Nine-Domed Mosque and watch how the legal proceedings are carried out at High Court Building. 

You can also learn about the life of Rabindranath Tagore at Kuthibari. 
Khulna experiences temperate and humid weather with a good amount of rainfall. June is the wettest month, with 368mm rainfall on average. This is best place for Tourism In Bangladesh.


Chattogram is a financial center and a major coastal city in Southeastern Bangladesh. It is situated on the banks of the River Karnaphuli between the Bay of Bengal and the Chittagong Hill Tracts.

Chattogram is a wonderland for visitors looking for a digital detox from the fast-paced city life. On one side, you can see breathtaking mountain ranges overlooking the sea, and on the other is the vast ocean’s tranquil water. Due to its geographical position, sea, lush greenery, and mountain, there is no other city in Bangladesh that offers similar geodiversity.
If you’re looking for the best places to visit during your Chattogram, you must head to Patenga Beach, where you can soak the sun and enjoy picturesque views. You should also visit Chandranath Hill & Temple, a popular pilgrimage site, and explore Rangamati, a hilly district. 
Some of the best things that you can try during your Chattogram tour are enjoying a scenic walk in Sajek Valley and boating at Kaptai Lake. This is best place for Tourism In Bangladesh.

You can also hike up to Nilgiri Mountain and enjoy shopping at Cox’s Bazar.
Chattogram experiences dry and humid weather, and July is the hottest month of the year. January is the coldest month, with an average temperature of 15.8°C.

Other Attractions

Cox’s Bazar

If you’re looking for the most popular tourist places in Bangladesh, you should definitely visit Cox’s Bazar, located alongside the Bay of Bengal beach. It has the world’s largest unbroken sea beach that stretches more than one hundred and twenty kilometers. This is best place for Tourism In Bangladesh.

You can also find here miles of golden sands, surfing waves, towering cliffs, rare conch shells, waterfalls, pagodas, and parks. Aggmeda Khyang, which is a huge Buddhist monastery, is the major attraction of Cox’s Bazar, containing ancient manuscripts and large bronze Buddha pictures.

Location: Bay of Bengal, Cox’s Bazar Bangladesh

Highlights: Restaurants, hotels, monasteries, waterfalls, pagodas.

The Sundarbans

The Sundarbans is the world’s largest mangrove forest, spread between Bangladesh and India. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a gateway to wildlife’s unique genesis spread across 10,000 sq km. Hundreds of canals and creeks are spread across Sunderbans, where you can enjoy a morning boat ride.

It also has a beautiful beach where you can soak the sun and enjoy many water sports activities. You can spend the night on a houseboat that is parked on the rivers in different forest areas. It also has several wildlife sanctuaries where you can watch deers, monkeys, tigers, and other animals.

Location: Khulna, Khulna City 9100 Bangladesh

Highlights: Wildlife sanctuaries, Irrawaddy dolphins, Jamtola Beach, watchtower


Srimangal is known to be Bangladesh’s tea capital as it contributes to 3% of the total tea production in the entire world. It is one of the most beautiful place in Bangladesh, blessed with rolling hills carpeted with dense forest sanctuaries, tribal villages, and endless tea plantations.

It is a prime eco-tourism destination that boasts of untouched flora and fauna and the highest waterfalls. Cycling around in its beautiful tea estates or exploring the nearby villages and forests is considered to be an amazing experience in itself. This is best place for Tourism In Bangladesh.

Location: Sylhet Division, North Eastern, Bangladesh

Highlights: Tea estates, tribal villages, hiking trails, forests.

Lalbagh Fort

This is an incomplete seventeenth-century Mughal fort complex that is considered to be one of the best places to visit in Bangladesh. The fort stands before the Buriganga River, and a Mughal prince started its construction, but when he died, the construction was not completed by the next ruler because of a family tragedy.

Pari Bibi’s tomb is the most impressive and has the best floral architectural works of the Lalbagh Fort. There are beautiful gardens and green fields inside the fort that are dotted with colorful flowers and green spaces. This is best place for Tourism In Bangladesh.

Location: Lalbagh Rd, Dhaka City 1211 Bangladesh

Highlights: Pari Bibi’s tomb, gardens, green fields, mosque.


Located at the side of Kaptai Lake, Rangamati is the natural habitat of various indigenous groups and tribes that have a unique way of living. It is one of the best tourist places in Bangladesh, dotted with winding hills and lush green fields making it look like a wonderland on Earth.

Hanging Bridge, Rangamati Water Front, and Rajban Bihar Pagoda are the most popular attractions in Rangamati. You can meet with the tribal villagers, including Chakma, Marma, Tripura, Murong, Tanchangya, Bome, Khumi, Chak, Pankhoa, Kheyang, and Lusai over here.

Location: Lalbagh Rd, Dhaka City 1211 Bangladesh

Highlights: Tribal villages, hanging bridge, Rangamati Water Front.


Bandarban is one of the best places to visit in Bangladesh, renowned for its exquisite greenery and exotic waterfalls. It gives a feeling of serenity to the visitors with its beautiful lake and breathtaking landscapes.

The largest Buddhist Temple, Buddha Dhatu Jadi, is also situated in the Bandarban district of Bangladesh. Boga lake is the highest natural lake in Bandarban that attracts nature lovers in a magnetic way. This is best place for Tourism In Bangladesh.

Highlights: Buddha Dhatu Jadi, Boga lake

Saint Martin

Saint Martin is situated in the southeast part of Bangladesh and is the only coral island of the country. This tiny island is called “Narikel Jinjira” by the local people as abundant coconut grows here.

It is one of the best places to visit in Bangladesh that harbors some of the most picturesque beaches in Bangladesh, where you can enjoy beach sports, a bonfire, and beach parties.

You can also go scuba diving or hire a speed boat and take a tour around the island. There are many restaurants and beach shacks here where you can enjoy local fresh seafood.

Location: Saint Martin Island, Tecnaf, Coxbazar, 97150 Bangladesh

Highlights: Beach sports, a bonfire, and beach parties


Paharpur is a popular archaeological site in Bangladesh where you can find the Ruins of the Buddhist Vihara. It gives evidence of the rise of Mahayana Buddhism from the seventh century onwards. This is best place for Tourism In Bangladesh.

This ancient site is over twelve hundred years old, and the structures are completely destroyed here. It has played an important role in the rise of Vajrayana, which is a new branch of Buddhism and still the dominant form practiced in Tibet.

Location: Mymensingh Zl, Dhaka Div, Bangladesh

Highlights: Somapura Mahavihara monastery, Vajrayana Buddhism


Kuakata is a beautiful sea beach located in the southernmost part of Bangladesh where you can enjoy both sunset and sunrise. It is one of the best places in Bangladesh, with a wide sandy beach where you can enjoy the sand, surf, and the sun.

The beach is nineteen miles long and four miles wide and is part of the Sundarban forest. Gangamati Reserved Forest is a mangrove forest in the Kuakata with different kinds of wildlife and trees. During the festivals like Maghi Purnima and Rush Purnima, many Hindu devotees take a holy bath on this beach.

Location: Patuakhali, Bangladesh

Highlights: Gangamati Reserved Forest, diving, sunset, sunrise

Amiakhum Waterfall

Sitting deep within the hills, the Amiakhum Waterfall is a go to spot for locals, nature lovers as well as peace seekers. Among the beautiful patterns of nature, this scenic gushing stream falls from a small height and makes a perfect location to cool off in a pool.

While tourists enjoy swimming and other water based activities here, people are also attracted towards the scenic backdrop it provides for their pictures. This is best place for Tourism In Bangladesh.

Highlights: Shallow pools, hidden in forest, safe location, picnic area, perfect for photographers


If you’re looking for the best tourist places in Bangladesh, you should definitely visit Bagerhat, a historical town where you can unveil the mysteries of the past. Established in the fifteenth century by Sufi saint and ruler Khan Jahan Ali, Bagerhat remained hidden for hundreds of years by vegetation before being uncovered in the nineteenth century.

It is one of the best places to visit in Bangladesh that houses around fifty medieval mosques, mausoleums, and an open-air museum of Asian Muslim architectural heritage. One of the most popular attractions here is Chandra Mahal Eco Park that has been built on about thirty acres of land and is renowned for its architectural beauty.

Location: Khulna Division, Bangladesh

Highlights: Chandra Mahal Eco Park, Shrine of Hazrat Khan Jahan


Sonargaon is the major inland port and commercial center of Bangladesh, where you can witness mind-blowing historical sites that tell the story of human history. The main attraction here is Panam Nagar, an abandoned merchant city consisting of fifty-two houses built on a single street.

You can also visit the Folk Arts and Crafts Museum, where the fabrics in Sonargaon have been displayed beautifully. If you’re looking for eternal bliss, you can visit the fifteenth-century Goladi mosque that is the only structure from the medieval period remaining in this area. This is best place for Tourism In Bangladesh.

Location: 29 km from Dhaka, Dhaka City Bangladesh

Highlights: Goaldi mosque, Folk Arts and Crafts Museum


Renowned for its colonial architecture, scenic attractions, and Rasmalai sweets, Comilla is one of the best tourist places in Bangladesh. According to famous historians, the Buddhist dynasty ruled here till the seventh century to the middle of the eighth century.

The district is renowned for Khadi or Khaddar fabric and pottery. The seventh-century Shalban Buddhist Bihar is the most popular attraction in this district, with one hundred and fifteen cells for monks. You can also visit Maynamati War Cemetery, built in memory of forty-five thousand Commonwealth soldiers who died in Burma’s war.

Highlights: Maynamati War Cemetery, Shalban Buddhist Bihar


Bogra is a northern district of Bangladesh where many mid-sized and small industries are sited. It is one of the best tourist places in Bangladesh, renowned for its ancient Buddhist stupas, ancient palaces of Muslim sultans, and Buddhist kings, and Hindu temples. This is best place for Tourism In Bangladesh.

It contains the remnants of a city which was called Paundravardhanapura or Pundranagara in the ancient period. Panch Peer Mazar, Gokul Medh, Jogir Babhan, and Kherua Mosque are the popular attractions in Bogra.

Highlights: Muhammad Ali Palace Museum, Hindu temples


This is a ruined city located on the India-Bangladesh border that you must visit if you’re fascinated by archaeological artifacts. It was once the Bengal region’s capital and is known to be the best place to find the historical treasure of Bengal.

During the twelfth to the fourteenth century, it was a wealthy city, but it lost all its charm later due to cholera. If you visit this city, you’ll find some beautiful mosques hidden behind the mango orchards. Baroduari Mosque is the prime attraction here that is a massive rectangular structure made of brick and wood.

Highlights: Dakhil Darwaza, Feroze Minar, Baroduari Mosque.

History f Bangladesh

The country’s early documented history was characterized by the succession of Hindu and Buddhist kingdoms and empires vying for regional dominance.

Islam arrived in the 6th-7th centuries CE and gradually became dominant in the region from the early 13th century through the conquests of Bakhtiyar Khalji and the activities of Sunni missionaries such as Shah Jalal.

Banglapedia article about the history of Bangladesh.

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Bangladesh Liberation War

Bangladesh Genocide Archive
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The Bangladesh Liberation War Museum
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