Top 20 Coolest Summer Nails – Best Nails Styles TO TRY IN 2023

Coolest Summer Nails

Do you want Coolest Summer Nails? Having Memorial Day in the rearview mirror means one thing: It’s officially summer! And nothing goes better with white jeans than a fresh mani and pedi. Need inspo? We’ve got all the summer nail art ideas for you.

For your next appointment, we have a long list of trending nail designs to choose from. Some feature the best summer nail polish colors while others allow you to skip the salon and opt for press-ons instead. If you’re conscientious about nontoxic nail polish, we’ve got some for those for you too.

From subtle gradients and designs (chrome is still going strong this season!) to checkered nails and seasonally appropriate neon, there’s a little something for every taste and skill level.

And if your choice of a cute nail design inspires you to go one step further with your summer look, we hear that a summer haircut can be the perfect complement. Scroll on for the summer nails that we’ve been double-tapping nonstop. Let’s read more about Coolest Summer Nails.

Coolest Summer Nails

Top 20 Coolest Summer Nails STyles

Western Flare

If Yellowstone has as much of a grasp on you as it does on us this mani just makes sense. And its not that hard to DIY...

If Yellowstone has as much of a grasp on you as it does on us, this mani just makes sense. And it’s not that hard to DIY! All you need is a dotting tool and a steady hand to create the cow-print design. Coolest Summer Nails.

Rainbow Angles

For a different take on a rainbow French manicure were loving this diagonal double line take on the trend.

For a different take on a rainbow French manicure, we’re loving this diagonal double line take on the trend. Coolest Summer Nails.

Bejeweled Nails

Taylor Swift isnt the only one who gets to be bejeweled these supereasytoapply presson nails dial up any look instantly.

Taylor Swift isn’t the only one who gets to be bejeweled– these super-easy-to-apply press-on nails dial up any look instantly. Coolest Summer Nails.

Mermaid Chrome

Thanks to the Little Mermaid movie the mermaidcore trend is going strong plus chrome hasnt gone anywhere since glazed...

Thanks to the Little Mermaid movie, the mermaidcore trend is going strong, plus chrome hasn’t gone anywhere since glazed donut nails hit the scene. This teal and purple metallic combo is the best of both worlds. Coolest Summer Nails.

Heart Nails

heart summer nails

These heart beam nails—inspired by the Powerpuff Girls and Gen Z’s fave phone case—have been popping up everywhere. In bold red and pink, they feel particularly summer-ready. Coolest Summer Nails.

Cartoon Clouds 

Cloud nail art

Cloud nails may have been trending this winter, but they give us total summer vibes. Unlike the more stylized clouds that were popping off, these cartoony clouds are totally DIY-able. All you need is a good art brush and the perfect opaque white (try Orly French Tips). Coolest Summer Nails.

American Manicure 

American manicure summer nails

For Nicola Peltz’s wedding to Brooklyn Beckham, manicurist Tom Bachik decked Peltz’s nails with a ’90s-inspired American manicure—think of it as a French manicure, but with less definition where the tips start and end. We’re expecting to see the softer style everywhere this summer. Coolest Summer Nails.

Bright Stars 

Star summer nails

A cluster of neon stars will make you feel beach-ready in seconds. If the thought of free-handing stars with a nail brush stresses you out, just glue a sprinkling of star sequins by your cuticles for the same effect. Coolest Summer Nails.

Mixed Checkerboards 

checker summer nails

ICYMI, checkered nails are a major front-runner as the coolest summer nail designs this year. We’re particularly into this mix-and-match set. Coolest Summer Nails.


Blue butterfly nail art

These dainty butterflies will remind you of sunny days ahead. (If you can’t DIY them, try these stickers instead.) Coolest Summer Nails.

’70s Swirls Graphic

Neutral swirl nail art

Yet simple nail art will be your best friend this summer. Give it a retro vibe with earthy, mustard-toned neutrals like Paintbox’s Like Lush + Like Flora Power Couple. Coolest Summer Nails.

Rainbow French 

Rainbow summer nails

Put a cute twist on a classic French mani with tiny rainbow tips, complete with cloud details. Coolest Summer Nails.

Smiley Nails 

Smiley Face Summer nails

If you’re in the market for cute summer nails, look no further than these rainbow happy faces. They’re a fun twist on the classic yellow smiley-face nails that have been spotted on Harry Styles and Dua Lipa. Coolest Summer Nails.

Monotone Matte 

Ombre pink manicure.

Love mismatched nails but want something a little more sophisticated? Go for different shades of the same color and add a matte topcoat for a luxe velvet feel. Coolest Summer Nails.

Sunny Swiggles 

swirly summer nails

For some easy art, pick your favorite nail polish color and artfully swirl it over a white base. Doing a different shade on each hand only ups the coolness.Coolest Summer Nails.

Slime Green

Neon green nail polish

Our Nickelodeon days might be over, but our love for slime lives on with these bright summer nails. Copy nail artist Betina Goldstein, and use two coats of Essie Nail Polish in Blanc and one coat of Stencil Me In to really make the green pop. Or, head to your salon and get gel nails for that super-shiny effect. Coolest Summer Nails.

Shimmering Swirls 

Shimmering summer nails

Negative space and holographic polish are a truly magical combination. Coolest Summer Nails.


Green and blue nail art

Hands Want something fun but can’t wield an art brush? Try one vivid color on your right hand and a different color on your left. The hearts are cute too, but not necessary to make this look. Coolest Summer Nails.

Rainbow Mani

Rainbow summer nails

 A gradient of summer nail colors is never a bad idea. 

Color Melt 

Melting summer nails

Feels so hot you could melt? Take that vibe to your mani with melting, swirly tips. 

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