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Southeast Asia has a history that is centuries rich. The history of the countries of this region has spawned a culture that is unique in itself and represents the traditions of generations that once walked this earth. The Southeast region of Asia consists of 11 countries; Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Laos and East Timor.

These countries possess vastly different cultures, and each has a past unique to itself. But despite their differences, there is one thing that they share, and that is the variety of clothes that they wear. The climate of these countries is quite similar, which inspires similar garment needs. Over the centuries, these garments have evolved to serve a sense of fashion as well as practicality and functionality. So for your need, here are the top fashion trends of Southeast Asia.

southeast asia fashion trend

Southeast Asian Fashion: Rosy Good

Nature inspired prints are the trend of the year, it seems. The hottest trends of the summer seem to share this among themselves such as botanical, aquatic, floral, and other nature trends. One of these types is rose prints, which has been rampant on the runways this year. Although this might seem like a trend for the summer or spring, in the tropical regions it will be quite common year round.

Southeast Asian Fashion: Chic and Comfy Shorts

The trends of Southeast Asia are all set and ready to welcome the summer and enjoy the most of it in total comfort all the while not compromising on the most stylish looks for every time you step out of the house. Simple clothing for easy outfit ideas does not mean that you can’t look chic and modern, and that is the reason why that the Southeast Asian trends have included the classic and simple clothing item into the fashion trends this year. Yes, we are talking about shorts. They are the go-to fashion staple for an easy cool outfit this summer or spring season, and it is one of the most versatile items!

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Southeast Asian Fashion:  Crochet

Sure it reminds you of your great grandmother, but really, who cares? It’s an intricate thread tapestry that can be adorned comfortably. The materials used are extremely soft, lightweight, and it’ll keep you warm and fuzzy. This trend has been erupting left right and center, ranging from crochet bags to dresses to blouses.

south east asia fashion trend

Southeast Asian Fashion:  Chill and Cool Bohemian Style

The culture in Southeast Asia is known for its rich and vibrant style, and when it comes to fashionable clothing, nothing says rich and vibrant like the bohemian style. The chill and cool bohemian style are roaming around among the hottest trends this year, especially for a hip look that is also up to the mark. The funky bohemian dressing is the best way to express their wild spirit for those who love to be carefree and fun and like to express it through the way they dress. And it makes for the best outdoor outfits like for carnivals and festivals.

southeast asia fashion trend

Southeast Asian Fashion:  Cargo Inspired Wear

Last year saw the explosion of all things cargo. From cargo pants to cargo jackets, you couldn’t scroll through a catalog without seeing at least one cargo inspired look. This year, it’s staying. The latest fad is cargo pockets, and honestly, who doesn’t love pockets? This trend is cast to be popular especially among women, who have grown tired of having to lug around large bags and deal with dresses without pockets, and pant pockets that are smaller than a pinky. And if we’re being real, we can’t blame them, the fashion and practicality injustice is just sad.

southeast asian fashion trend

Southeast Asian Fashion: Tropical Prints

Right alongside rose inspired prints, tropical prints are hot on the market. They even seem poised to overtake floral prints. Exotic prints of fruits and birds cast in an explosive palette of bold, bright, and vibrant colors. These prints have even been featured on the runways of Dolce and Gabbana. Tropical prints for the tropical islands seem like a match made in heaven. If you don’t want to overwhelm yourself or your outfit with heavy prints, fear not, for these patterns are available on handbags too.

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Southeast Asian Fashion:  Long Sleeve Peplum Blouses

While wearing long sleeves in warm areas might seem like suicide, peplum blouses are made to be loose and airy. Sewn of light, breezy fabrics, peplum blouses have been popular all across Asia. Often these blouses have thread patterns stitched across the chest and on the hem. These can be easily paired with tights or jeans, or even trousers of the same material. They’re functional and beautiful.

Southeast Asian Fashion: A Trendy Splash Of Blue

How could the color of the year not be included in the year’s latest fashion and trends anywhere in the world, especially if it is such a classic and lovely color? The Southeast Asian fashion trends have got it all under control, don’t you worry. The use of the latest color of the year in the said fashion trends is the most amusing we have seen so far. A splash of blue in your otherwise regular outfit, like a classic blue neck scarf with your summer dress or a pair of blue shoes and jewelry with your all-white outfit, is just what you need to kick it up and earn a handful of fashion points, stepping it up according to the latest trends.

southeast asia leather

Southeast Asian Fashion:  Leather All Over

We are sure that you must have heard of this trend quite recently, and it seems that it got such great and open reception from the masses that the trend decided to stay in this year’s trends as well, specially in Southeast Asia. People are opting for a head-to-toe leather outfit to blow everyone away with this bold step. So if a badass and powerful look is what you aim for to portray your inner boss, “all leather” is a good option.

Southeast Asian Fashion:  Classy and Sophisticated Pencil Skirt

Of course, no area’s fashion trends can be complete without having a special portion for the toned down, formal outfit ideas. The Southeast Asian take on this part of the fashion trends turns out to be a classy and sophisticated pencil skirt. We often find pencil skirts invading our minds when it comes to deciding an outfit that is chic and modest at the same time. People are rocking this classical piece in new and innovative ways, styling it according to their taste and preferences, coming up with amazing ideas for formal wear like office outfit or a 5-star date.

southeast asia fashion trend

Southeast Asian Fashion: Power Statement Neon Dresses

The global and international fashion trends of the year 2020 are all up and set for everything bold, and the Southeast Asian fashion trends are not staying behind one bit. Their way of putting on a power show in a trendy way this year is through neon dresses. For the bright summer season and the lively and colorful spring season, neon dresses are the hot and in-vogue key to making a total power statement. Perfectly bright for the daytime, and brilliantly eye-catching for the nighttime, neon dresses deserve a place in your wardrobe this year.

Southeast Asian Fashion: Evergreen Allure Of Lace

All year round, for all the seasons, and any time of the day, the allure of lace in fashion clothing will never go down and will always have special from all the fashionistas. So, accepting this fact fully, the trends we are currently discussing have also put lace on the front in creative and beautiful ways. Whether it is a lovely lace skirt for a daytime outing or a deep colored lace dress for a date night, this trend will help you come up with the most attractive outfit ideas.

southeast asia fashion trend

Southeast Asian Fashion: Black Is Always The King

No matter how many colors turn up every year as the “new black”, there is a reason why black is always the king of all colors. A timeless classic, the color black is ideal mostly due to its versatility and its depth, making it the best choice for every season, every body type, every skin tone, and just about every event. For a fashionably smart look, wear it with a pop of color, or go with your classic all black comfort!

The fashion industry of South East Asia is known to experiment widely with different textures and prints to add diversity in their clothes, including crochet, cargo style, floral print, tropical print, leather, lace, and more. With all this variety in print and texture, it’s safe to say that South East Asian fashion makes a statement without going over the top, and this year’s trends were no different and carried the same consistency of high quality and unmatched style that they always seem to have.

They stayed on top of the trend game as they incorporated popular colors such as the Color Of The Year, Denim Blue, and gorgeous and jaw dropping shades of neon. Incorporate these trends into your everyday style to appreciate the South East Asian fashion and look the most up to the minute in the room.

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