Glory Of International cricket, Big Games, History & It’s Rules 2023

Glory Of International cricket

Glory Of International cricket


In today’s era, the glory of international cricket is increasing and its local and international matches also play an important role. Cricket is one of the famous and popular sports around the world which has become a source of love and passion among people of different nations and countries. The game is loved all over the world for its interesting history and attractions.

History of Cricket

Glory Of International cricket

The history of cricket is very interesting and informative. The game took place in 16th century England and soon became popular. In the earlier period cricket was played only by the elite who enjoyed its interests. But with the passage of time, its passion reached the masses and cricket became a common game. Now glory of international cricket is increasing.

Duration of Cricket

During the period of cricket, many great and famous cricketers have earned their name in the national and international arenas. Famous cricketers include Sir Don Bradman, Don Bradman, Andre Florian, and the great West Indies captain Clyde Walker. These all increased the glory of international cricket.

Today’s Cricket

In today’s era, cricket has become a big and developing sport due to the popularity of T20 cricket and glory of international cricket increased. Apart from this, international match competitions, World Cup, Champions Trophy, and other major competitions are interesting for cricket enthusiasts. In today’s social conditions cricketers can also achieve fame and fortune. Today glory of international cricket is increasing.

Main Events

glory of international cricket

Here are the details about various cricket events, due to which glory of international cricket is increasing:

  1. ICC Cricket World Cup:
    • The ICC Cricket World Cup is the premier international cricket event, organized by the International Cricket Council (ICC).
    • It is held every four years and involves national teams from around the world.
    • The first Cricket World Cup was held in England in 1975, in which the West Indies won.
    • The competition has seen great moments, mediocre matches and natural achievements of players. Increased the glory of international cricket.
  2. ICCTT World Cup:
    • ICCT2 World Cup is the shorter version of the World Cup, in which Twenty20 cricket matches are held.
    • The first T20 World Cup was held in South Africa in 2007, and India won the tournament.
    • The T2 World Cup has gained a reputation for its pace and interest.
  3. Ashes:
    • The Ashes is the premier Test cricket series played between England and Australia.
    • The history of this series goes back to 1882 when Australia won a Test match in England for the first time.
    • The winning team is left with a sentimental impression based on a charred cricket ball.
  4. Indian Premier League (IPL):
    • The Indian Premier League is a professional Twenty20 cricket league in India.
    • It includes franchise teams representing cities and states.
    • IPL matches offer the entertaining nature of minor matches, and have the characteristic of involving intact players and balancing large audiences.
  5. Champions Trophy:
    • The ICC Champions Trophy is a one-day international cricket tournament.
    • It involves a large number of national cricket teams and the first competition was organized by the ICC in 1998 as the ICC Knockout Cup.
    • The Leigh format has evolved over the years, producing some of the greatest cricketing achievements in the competition. Increasing the glory of international cricket.
  1. Big Bash League (BBL):
    • The Big Bash League is Australia’s domestic Twenty20 cricket league.
    • It features professional teams from cities and has become one of the most popular Twenty20 leagues in the world.
  2. Pakistan Super League (PSL):
    • Pakistan Super League is the premier Twenty20 cricket league of Pakistan.
    • It includes professional teams from cities and has been instrumental in promoting cricket in Pakistan.
  3. Caribbean Premier League (CPL):
    • The Caribbean Premier League is a Twenty20 cricket league held in the West Indies.
    • It promotes the recent achievements of cricket in the Caribbean region.
  4. Asia Cup:
    • Asia Cup is a cricket competition which mainly includes India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other countries.
    • It is organized in the form of ODI cricket and has an interesting historical location.
  5. Women’s Cricket World Cup:
    • The Women’s Cricket World Cup is the premier international competition for women’s cricket.
    • It has the same format as the Men’s World Cup and has played a major role in promoting women’s cricket.

These events have contributed to the growth, glory of international cricket and global reach of cricket, providing memorable moments in the history of cricket and providing memorable moments in the history of the cricketing world.

Rules of International Cricket

Glory Of International cricket

The purpose of international cricket is to provide youth, excitement and competition of skills on the cricket field. These rules are certified by the ICC (International Cricket Council) which administers the international organization of cricket. Here are the rules due to glory of international cricket increasing:

  1. TIME OF PLAY: The time of a cricket match varies in different formats. The normal duration of a Test match is a few days, while the ODI and T20 matches are allotted a few hours.
  2. FORMATION OF TEAMS: The number of players for each team match varies depending on the format of the game.
  3. Start and End of the Match: The match is started by one of the players throwing the balls called “Tas”. The end is after the completion of the specified over of the match.
  4. Completeness of Game: Test matches normally have to complete two complete innings (overs). In ODIs and T20I matches, the completion of a certain period is fixed for a higher number of overs.
  5. Flight of the Ball: The player throws the ball by hitting it with the ball to target the wicket.
  6. Protection of the wicket: To protect the wicket, the player wears a zina and is read for the protection of the wicket.
  7. RULES OF RUNNING END: When a player hits the ball, he runs with the other player to get a run.
  8. Over Limit: Test matches have no over limit while ODI and T20 matches have specific over limit.
  9. No-Ball Over: In ODI and T20I matches, an over is opened with a nine-ball ball instead of an over of the prescribed intensity.
  10. No-Tap Over: In ODI and T20I matches, the No-Tap is opened with the ball after the specified over.
  11. SIXES AND SIXES BOUNDARY: Four runs are scored on the string of sixes when the ball moves between the legs of the fielder himself. If the ball goes out of the ground near the boundary, five runs are awarded.
  12. Temporary Absence of a Player: If a player is temporarily absent from the field for any reason, another player may play in his place.
  13. CHANGE OF GINDLES DURING GAME: Player may change the gandles during game.
  14. Directions of the captain on the field: The captain on the field has the authority to give instructions to the team and to which player to bowl the balls.
  15. Right to Revo: The player has the right to Revo (request) after an over-key to review a decision.
  16. Dry Compare and T20 Referee: During the game there are dry compares which give opportunity to make selective decisions. Twenty20 referees also play the role of a permanent referee.

These are some of the important rules of international cricket that apply in different formats of cricket. Understanding the rules of international cricket is essential for cricket enthusiasts so that they can play well on the field.

This article is based on the history of cricket, glory of international cricket and today’s cricket which may be interesting for cricket enthusiasts. The content includes information about various cricket products and famous cricketers that provide interesting cricket knowledge.

Bottom Line

Cricket is a famous and popular game that fascinates enthusiasts all over the world with its knowledge and interesting history. Cricket is the best sports that’s why glory of international cricket is increasing day by day.

It is Even in the historical period, the famous cricket players have been holding their high places, while in today’s era, cricket has developed a lot and its competitions delight the hearts of the enthusiasts all over the world and glory of international cricket increased.

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